No matter what your trading and investing needs, we’ve got a trading skills and plans for you.


A trader, investor, market research and analytics group which has more than 20 years establishment, experiences and supported around more than 5000 members telegram across over Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & Singapore. Kim’s also believes in giving our traders or investors an opportunity to advantage from booming markets. Our aim at breaking the inhibition that only big investors can earn from markets.

Our aim to help Financial Market investors achieve their financial and investment goals through Technical analysis based research support. We are a prominent player in the individual and team research, focusing on technical, fundamental and global analysis to convert raw data and information into proficient judgments.


Aim to guide you make huge money either as a long-term or short-term trader or both. Our fully dedicated and excellent research team with more experience and expertise in financial markets, powered with our best software, information system and advanced research tools. To give you call on your Telegram Intraday at KLSE regarding your investments, based on serious study and deliberation.

So far as the success ratio of our recommendations concerned, it is always maintained above 85 to 95% we are able to maintain accuracy on a regular basis. Has proven itself as that delivers and produces high accuracy stock tips for the Malaysia market.


Today 80-90% of the traders trading in Financial Markets are in losses and leave trading within 3 months of account opening. The industry cannot grow and move significantly if the end client, investor and trader is not making huge money strategically.

Today financial services are much beyond providing a more trading and demand account to the client it has become more about hand holding them, advising and guiding them in their financial market decisions. We will give a plug and play Research model where we will be giving highly accurate trading calls, advise and many more solutions to help you increase your earning.